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A1009: Stand Number Signs (1:400 & 1:500 Scale)

This model provides a sheet of stand number signs suitable for fitting to jetways and other pier structures. The sheet comprises a set of yellow signs with black numbers and outlines. Stand numbers 101 to 115, 201 to 215, 301 to 315 and 401 to 415 are included. Three sizes of sign are included and there are two copies of each.

The signs are available for purchase printed on high quality paper.

Stand number sign fitted to jetway

Price: £0.75

Real Dimensions (small sign at 1:400 scale): 1.2m high x 2.0m wide
Real Dimensions (medium sign at 1:400 scale): 1.5m high x 2.5m wide
Real Dimensions (large sign at 1:400 scale): 1.8m high x 3.0m wide
Model Dimensions (small sign): 3.0mm high x 5.0mm wide
Model Dimensions (medium sign): 3.75mm high x 6.25mm wide
Model Dimensions (large sign): 4.5mm high x 7.5mm wide
Number of A4 sheets: 1
Skill Rating: 1

Price: £0.75

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