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Downloading Models

All of the models are available for download in both 1:400 scale and 1:500 scale. Just press the 'Free Download' button on each indiividual model's web page to download in PDF format. Each model includes fully illustrated building instructions plus the model parts themselves ready for printing.

Before attempting to build the models, please read the General Building Instructions first.

Then follow the specific instructions for the model itself.

Before attenpting any models, you may like to look at the tutorials on this website which show a control tower and apron being built in full detail.

The models all download as PDF documents and require the Adobe Reader program to view them. To print from Adobe Reader, select the Print icon and ensure that Page Scaling is set to None (Zoom 100%). If possible, print on to good quality card suitable for your printer. Card with a matt printing surface is preferable, with a weight of around 160gsm. Thinner card is not sufficiently rigid and thicker card will not fold well. (The models are designed for card that is 0.25mm thick.)



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