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Gallery - Apron and Terminal

These images are of the Apron Pavement Set P1001 populated with two Main Terminal Buildings B1004 joined by a Link Building B1005, with a Control Tower B1002 in the background and piers and stands made from a variety of Walkways, Jetways, Gates and Lounges. See the bottom of the page for a complete list of components. Photographed at 1:400 scale.

The following models were used in the layout illustrated on this page:

A1001 10m Blast Fence
A1002 5m Blast Fence (2 models)
A1005 Navaids Type 1
A1006 Cabins Type 1
B1002 Control Tower Type 2
B1004 Terminal Main Building Type 1 (2 models)
B1005 Terminal Link Building Type 1
B1010 Workshop Block Type 1 (includes 1 large and 2 small buildings)
B1011 Fire Station Type 2
B1013 Office Blocks Type 1 (1 model includes 2 buildings)
B1016 Office Block Type 2
P1001 Apron Pavement Set Type 1
W1001 Large Jetway Type 1 (3 models - each includes 2 jetways)
W1002 Large Jetway Type 2 (1 model - each includes 2 jetways)
W1003 Walkway Type 1
W1005 Small Jetway Type 1 (3 models - each includes 3 jetways)
W1006 Pier Lounge Type 2 (3 models - each includes 3 lounges)
W1008 Pier Gate Type 1 (1 model includes 5 gates)
W1009 Pier Gate Type 2 (1 model includes 4 gates)

Aircraft are shown in these photographs only to indicate scale. Aircraft models are not included.


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