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P1001-500: Terminal Apron Type 1 (1:500 Scale)

This model provides pavement for a terminal apron area with surrounding taxiways. It includes four stands for B747 sized aircraft, four stands for B767-sized aircraft and eight stands for B737-sized aircraft. There is space for terminal buildings, piers and other buildings and accessories. The dimensions and markings on the pavement are authentic and correctly scaled and each parking stand is numbered.

This pavement set can be freely downloaded for printing. To download the complete set (43 sheets in one PDF document), click here.

The model will download as a compressed (Zip) file. Save this file to disk, open it and then open the PDF document inside. For more information about printing and building pavement models, please go to the Pavements Information Page.

Alternatively the model can be purchased ready-printed. It is printed on to matt A4 light card suitable for cutting out and fixing to a prepared baseboard. (Note that the ready-printed card is suitable for static display purposes and will require additional protection if it is to withstand heavy use.)

Baseboard not included

Aircraft models not included

Example display - buildings and accessories not included

Example display

Example display

Price: £32.95

Real Dimensions: 810m wide x 450m deep
Model Dimensions: 1620mm wide x 900mm deep
Number of A4 sheets: 43
Skill Rating: 1

Price: £32.95

Sheet 1 of 43

Sheet 21 of 43


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