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1:500 Scale Pavements

The pavement sheets are available for free download or for purchase ready-printed. The pavement sheets are realistic scale representations of airport pavement areas, such as runways, taxiways and aprons. They are designed to the correct dimensions and include standard markings, in the right scale. (It should be noted that whilst there are international standards for airport surface markings, there are still some variations worldwide, particularly on aprons.)

The pavement sheets can be used to construct displays using other Airport Designs models, or models from other sources.

Please note that the ready-printed pavement sets available for purchase are printed on to matt A4 light card suitable for cutting out and fixing to a prepared baseboard. They are only suitable for static display purposes and will require additional protection to withstand heavy use.

Click on the images below to see more details of each model.


P1002: Hangar Apron Type 1

Free Download



Further information on how to build displays from the pavement sheets can be found here.



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