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Skill Ratings

The models require some manual dexterity to cut out and fit together, but in general, they can be built by anyone with some experience of hobby model making (building plastic model aircraft, for example). The Skill Rating gives an indication of the difficulty involved in building each model, and the level of skill needed to do it.

There are three Skill Ratings, as follows:

Skill Rating 1 - Beginner
These models are suitable for the beginner and require a modest amount of skill in their building. They are generally constructed from a small number of simple parts and don't require any complex cutting or folding.

Skill Rating 2 - Intermediate
These models require some skill to build. They are generally complex or large and may require some skill to cut out and fit together.

Skill Rating 3 - Expert
These models are suitable for the experienced builder. They are usually of a complex design and/or include small parts.

The Skill Rating is given in the website information for each model, and in the model instructions.

Models in 1:500 scale are smaller than the equivalent in 1:400 scale and tend to include smaller parts. For this reason 1:500 models are usually slightly more difficult to build.

Please note that the models are intended for adult modellers only and are not suitable for children under 12 years of age.


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