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Tutorial 1 - Control Tower Type 4 (B1017) - Page 1

This tutorial shows the construction of Control Tower Type 4 (model B1017) in 1:400 scale.

Before building it is important to read the instructions for the model carefully, and to follow them as building progresses. So that this tutorial can be understood more easily, we have made the instructions for this model available for download. Click here to view them.

This tutorial runs to five pages, but it's worth reading through because, not only does it show how to build this particular model, it also demonstrates a number of techniques that are useful more generally.

Set up your work area so that it is well lit and all the necessary tools and equipment are to hand. Make sure your knife is sharp.

It's a good idea to practice scoring on a corner of the card, to get the feel for it, and to check the sharpness of your knife.

There are a number of ways to score, either on the front face or the rear face of the card, and with a sharp or blunted tool. Experiment to find the best way for you.

Because almost all the folds in this model are quite shallow, we scored the front face with a sharp tool. This gives good, clean folds, but would expose white card at sharper corners.

When all the folds have been scored, we cut out the model parts from the card.

It's best to only cut out the parts you need. Either cut them out a sheet at a time, or for each major assembly as you build the model.

For gluing, we use an old, fine paintbrush. We squeeze the glue, a little at a time, into the lid from a "Pringles" carton, with some notches cut into the side to rest the brush in.


On the reverse of the ruler we stuck some masking tape, to stop it from slipping on the card when we're scoring and cutting out.



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