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Tutorial 2 - Terminal Apron Pavement Set P1001

This tutorial shows the construction of pavement set P1001 in 1:400 scale.

Due to the large size of this set, it was laid out on four pieces of board. The board was 6mm MDF cut into sections 48x110, 48x96, 74x110 and 74x96cm. The boards were arranged so that the corners were staggered in the centre.

All of the sheets were cut out and laid on to the boards in the correct places, to check the fit and alignment. The areas to be painted in between the sheets were lightly outlined with a pencil.

The areas between the sheets were painted "grass green", and then the sheets were laid out once again to check their fit. To make things easier, construction was carried out one board at a time.

The sheets were glued to the board one at a time using a spray mounting adhesive. The alignment of each sheet was checked carefully, both with its neighbours and with the edges of the board.

When all the sheets had been glued, the grass areas where no buildings were to be placed had some paint mixed with sand applied, to give a more realistic texture.

The buildings and accessories were laid out. For ease of later storage, we didn't fix the buildings to the baseboard, but only to each other.

The pier components were laid out to fit with the parking stands and jetways, using the concrete block grid as a guide. The distances between them were measured so that the correct lengths of walkway could be made.


We built the required lengths of walkway and then glued all of the pier sections together in the correct sequence. We then attached the jetways and checked them against the parked aircraft. Two of the jetways were attached directly to the front of the terminal.

Other buildings and accessories were placed around the layout to give a more realistic display.

Model aircraft were added so that we could take publicity photos and illustrations for the website.


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