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W1004-400: Wide Walkway Type 1 (1:400 Scale)

This model provides lengths of wide elevated walkway that can be used to link buildings together, to build piers, or in other situations, for example where an air bridge needs an extended connecting walkway.

Each model includes two, 100m lengths of walkway (real dimensions) which may be cut to the desired size.

This model is similar to the Walkway Type 1 (W1003), but wider.


Price: £2.25

Real Dimensions: 3.4m high x 5.4m wide x 200m long (total)
Model Dimensions: 8.5mm high x 13.5mm wide x 500mm long (total)
Model Footprint: 12.5mm x 500mm
Number of A4 sheets: 1
Skill Rating: 1

Price: £2.25

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