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W1005-400: Small Jetway Type 1 (1:400 Scale)

This model is of a jetway (air bridge) suitable for use with narrow-bodied aircraft. The jetway tunnel is adjustable, up and down, and in and out. It also comes with a 20m length of sloping walkway (real dimensions) to connect it to buildings, gates and other structures.

There are three complete jetways in each model.

This model is similar in style to the Large Jetway Type 1 (W1001) and Large Jetway Type 2 (W1002).

Aircraft models not included

Example display

Aircraft model not included

Real Dimensions: 6.8m high x 14m wide (adjustable) x 26m deep
Model Dimensions: 17mm high x 35mm wide (adjustable) x 65mm deep
Model Footprint: 15mm x 15mm
Number of A4 sheets: 1 ( 3 jetways per sheet)
Skill Rating: 1

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