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W1011-500: Modern Pier Type 2 (1:500 Scale)

This model is of a pier section suitable for positioning on an apron. It is inspired by the satellite piers at London Stansted Airport. The pier can be connected to other models, either directly or using elevated walkways, and jetways can be fitted for embarking passengers. Sections of pier can be joined end-to-end to form a longer model and it can be built with either flat or overhanging ends.

This model is similar in style to the Modern Pier Type 1 (W1010), but narrower.

Example display

Example display

Price: £4.50

Real Dimensions: 9.5m high x 15m wide x 120m long
Model Dimensions: 19mm high x 30mm wide x 240mm long
Model Footprint: 16mm x 240mm
Number of A4 sheets: 2
Skill Rating: 2

Price: £4.50

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